“The standings are clear: there are so many teams within very few points, and I think it will continue like this until the end of the first half. Then, from January, the values will be better outlined. I believe that four or five teams will dig a deeper groove with the others: I hope that we will be among those too".Guest of the RTV San Marino Studios was Sporting Director Stefano Stefanelli to discuss the match vs. Ancona: "It is a defeat that burns, but we have to start again correcting the mistakes made. To date, we have shown that we are a leathery team that concedes few goals; instead, on Sunday, we conceded something in the final third. Against Olbia, we have to go back to a match of malice".

However, the Bianconeri Sporting Director stressed the process of growth of the team: "We pay for a start to the season not up to the task but, with a whole new team and a new way of playing introduced by the coach, we expected some initial difficulties, in addition to the level of good luck in some circumstances it did not turn around well. However, things have improved significantly in the last set of matches; the team is compacted, always on the spot, and is acquiring the right mentality".