“We are an experienced and mature team, enough not to suffer a setback that goes beyond this defeat.” Guest Monday on Pianeta Bianconero, Mario Mercadantespoke about the mood in the Cesena locker room after the defeat vs. Ancona: "There is regret because we deserved more and the fact that their goalkeeper was the best on the field, which says a lot about what we created. However, this defeat must not discourage us: we are a team with character and identity that has created a strong empathy within it and does not stop in the face of difficulties: this quality is fundamental to get to the end".

The defender analyzed Sunday’s 0-1 defeat: “We had the right approach but, unlike other times when we unlocked the game right away, this time we didn’t succeed, and things got complicated. Against strong teams like Ancona, it is the details that make the difference, and we did something wrong on the occasion of the goal taken. If we want to be at the top of the championship, these are situations that we must rarely happen, but I am convinced that ours is a smart team that will know how to learn from its mistakes. The positive series of results has created a positive energy, and it will not be this defeat that disperses it".

Mercadante's final comments: "In such a balanced league, the games to be won are those with the teams that are further behind in the standings. Now, less ambitious formations on paper await us. Still, we will have to face them with humility and the utmost ferocity, starting with Olbia, because we cannot afford to underestimate anyone".