Cesena U19 at full throttle flies to +4

Cesena U19 team conquer Perugia, gain the sixth victory in a row and take advantage of Lazio's home draw with Ascoli moving to the top in the tables, 4 points ahead of the Romans that are now in second place with Frosinone.

Cesena already dangerous at 8’ with Suliani who tries from a distance but the Umbrian goalie wards off. At 21’ a combined play inside the area by the Shpendi twins: first Cristian wastes a few steps from the goal, then Stiven in acrobatics sees the ball deflected on the line by a Perugia defender. The locals’ first attempt comes at 31’ with Lo Giudice’s free kick which only caresses the post. At the end of the first half, another opportunity for the B&W team with Cristian Shpendi who overcomes three defenders in the area and is knocked down just before taking the shot; unfortunately, the referee doesn’t grant the penalty.

In the second half, Ceccarelli’s boys rule. At 62’ Stiven Shpendi tries unsuccessfully with a shot inside the area. At 66’ Pieraccini inside the penalty area doesn't find the winning kick on Carlini's corner. Four minutes later though, Romagna players have another opportunity and Carlini scores the first goal. Cesena U19 team insist and redouble at 80’ with Francesconi, kicking a deadly low shot from outside the area. Three more minutes and there’s the chance for a third strike: the referee grants a penalty to Stiven Shpendi following his knock-down in the area. However, hypnotized by the opponents’ goalkeeper, the striker kicks weakly.

A win for Mr. Ceccarelli’s boys, who are competing against Ascoli next weekend, rejoicing also for Rosario Maddaloni's return to the pitch, one year after he got injured.