Already past the victory over Recanatese, at home, the bianconera shift their focus to the Coppa Italia match against Fermana scheduled for Wednesday (15 hours, 3 pm) at the Orogel Stadium. Back to training at Villa Silvia, where the guys in Mister Toscano's squad followed a differentiated program: active recovery based on light and long-running sessions for those who took to the field yesterday exercises with the ball and matches scenarios for the others. In addition, running and a strength session in the gym for Prestia, who continues his recovery, and only work in the water for Ciofi, who was forced to leave the match yesterday early due to muscle cramps.

Finally, Mercadante and Corazza underwent instrumental examinations: for the defender, the ultrasound certified the healing from the injury to the right femoral rectum, while for the attacker, he gave a negative result, excluding injuries to the left adductor that had caused soreness during Saturday's final training session. As a result, Mercadante is expected to begin athletic work in the swimming pool, gym, and pitch. 

Tomorrow at Villa Silvia, the final training session is scheduled, where the list of players summoned will be made official at 12.30 pm during Mister Domenico Toscano's press conference (live on our Facebook page @calciocesenafc).