“Deadlines to be complied for sports manager and coach”

During the press conference held at the Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi, Massimo Agostini weighed up the situations relating the sports manager and the coach: “It is important to plan the new season at best, with clear ideas and trying to make as few mistakes as possible: we will start with the sports manager, whose role we are examining profiles with different experiences for. Essentially it has to be someone who is unafraid to dare and take risks, who shares our ideas, who's in the know about Italian football and its divisions, with the right relationships and the ability to meet the coach's requests. We aim to do something important by working hard and trying to get the best men for Serie C, although without wasting money. The timing? Before the announcements, we have to wait a little longer due to regulations issues”.

The head of the technical area then spoke about the club's spending plans, stating that the project must have the priority: “You need to know how to spend in the best way to tackle Serie C and this requires a sports manager who knows how to lead negotiations: we can’t afford to hire people who are not functional to our project. We don't want someone who comes here thinking of taking it easy: there will be room only for those who are hungry and committed to work tight. The coaches who have been here have always made their players train hard and this is the mentality they must possess: you come to Cesena to win, and if with no effort, you don't get far”.

Agostini also spoke about the market prospects, underlining Cesena FC's appeal: “The future coach will first make his own assessment on the team: both the players who are up for a renewal as well as those returning from loans will be gauged besides the ones who still have a running contract. From there we will begin to build the future B&W squad, and players do want to come and play for Cesena FC, because we are talking about a club that has little to do with the Lega Pro and where you feel like a proper player, not to mention the ambitions of the new ownership”.