"I have not heard anyone from Padova and in any case I have only one word and on the first day I met the presidents, Massimo Agostini and the director Stefanelli I gave my maximum availability to come here. This is a passionate environment, for someone from the south like me Cesena is an even more beautiful and intriguing square". So, Mr. Toscano has extinguished the rumors that in recent days had found space in some media outlets and that told of an interest from Padua on the Coach situation.

The coach then outlined the characteristics of Cesena that he wants for the next championship. "I am a direct and frank person, as well as demanding towards myself and my group - he said -: I demand a lot and I speak little. I like to work because I believe that this is the only recipe for success and here, we want to build a group that has these values and that knows how to excite people".

The coach then made an overview of the market strategies, which are still the subject of discussion with the company: "We are giving priority to the man before the player. The past? I am interested in what I am going to do, from the other adventures I will take the experience that can help but each championship has a story of its own. The underlying dynamics, however, are the same: the choice of men, work, passion, and motivation are essential everywhere. The golden bench? It is an award that has filled me with pride and satisfaction, more than winning a championship, because it is recognized by colleagues. We'll try to win another one...''

''The goals? They must be built day after day." This is the coach's answer to the question about the goals that Cesena sets for next season: "It is clear that here there is an ambitious company and coach, but this is a difficult category: every year in July everyone leaves to win, but in the end the championships are brought home in June, not in July, nor in January".