Today at Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi the stage was set for the press conference to present the new sporting director, Stefano Stefanelli. To open the dances was the co-president John Aiello, who broke the ice by welcoming the sporting director: "We are lucky and happy to have Stefano in our Cesena family: he has had many experiences of various kinds, from the first team to the youth sector and, when we met a few months ago, I immediately liked his ideas on the squad, about the team and the city. He is a family man, as well as a lawyer: for me these are important things because we want good people in our club."

In response to journalists' questions about Cesena's seasonal goal, John Aiello confirmed the club's desire to try to raise the bar even more: "I am always transparent, it is my nature: we want to build a team with important players. The plan was to bring to Cesena a great technician and a great sporting director and we did it, now we must set up a squad that can compete at the highest levels of Serie C: we do not hide our goals, even if we cannot control the results. I can say that I would not like to go to the playoffs, because they are a lottery: this is demonstrated by the case of Palermo who did very well despite a not exceptional championship, unlike Reggiana, who played a much better season than Feralpisalò, but was eliminated. The ideal solution would be to hit first place: much better than trying to win the championship".