First day in black and white for Domenico Toscano, who presented himself to the press underlining the joy of having arrived in Cesena. "First of all - he began - I would like to thank the company that has placed its trust in me. Today I am the lucky person: I am proud to be part of this family and from the first day I had positive feelings. Here are real, frank, and direct people, just as I like it. I gave my maximum availability right away and I am proud to be part of Cesena: a historical company with a great coat of arms. Every time I came here as an opponent, I always dreamed of one day sitting on this bench and today that desire has become reality."

The coach went on to introduce himself and talk about his temperament: "I am a passionate man and here there is an intriguing square, with an audience of those that I like: who plays the games together with the team. The C Series? I have never looked at the category. I am a person who lives on emotions and, when I had the opportunity to talk to the property, I found only positive sensations: here there is the will to build something strong and lasting".

"I hope I can give the right advice to start again: this is a year zero". Continued Mr. Toscano, who has traced the road in view of next season: "We want to grow and become an even stronger family than it is today: we know that this category is very difficult, perhaps the hardest championship from which to come out, but we will try to put ourselves immediately at the pace of the best and in the end, we will see who will have made fewer mistakes. We must work to fill that gap of 25 points that there was with the first and it can only be done through work, hunger, and motivation: we will have to build a group with a strong identity, in which the fans will be able to identify. We'll have to be good at getting our people to play with us."