It was co-president John Aiello who opened the press conference to present Domenico Toscano, held today at the Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi. "Domenico, in addition to being a great coach, is a great person - he said -. I think this is the coach that Cesena deserves, and I can't wait for the season to start to build our future together."

The head of the technical area Massimo Agostini explained the club's choice to focus on Domenico Toscano: "The facts speak for the coach in the most evident way possible. When the presidents asked me to look for a new technical guide, I pulled down some names that I shared with the sporting director Stefanelli: the first on the list has always been Toscano. Domenico is the right person for this square: he is a man with a great work culture, he knows how to train and enhance the players according to the form. When he gave us his word, we knew that we could rest assured: from the first meeting he told us that he would like to be here with us and for this reason we had no worries waiting to be able to make it official".

The choir of welcome to Domenico Toscano was joined by the director Stefano Stefanelli: "The name of the coach has always found everyone in agreement: we are happy and proud to have brought him here. We are convinced that for technical and human qualities it is the ideal profile for this club."