"We deserved a bad result for the way we played it. You have to take an examination of conscience and a bath of humility." Domenico Toscano was very disappointed with what is presented at the press conference: "Fermana, even doing little, brought home the victory; we did even less than them, playing below our qualities. How do you explain this performance? When you perform this type, there is a bit of everything on a physical, mental and tactical level. Even in the second half, when we wanted to resume the game, we did it without malice, and that anger must distinguish us. The discontent of the fans? Normally, there is when you see these games: it is up to us to bring back the trust around us and the enthusiasm we had created a few weeks ago."

The technician doesn't want to hear about individual mistakes: "I'm not talking about individuals; today, we were all wrong in all departments. So what do you do, start again? We must get back to the things we have done for long stretches and that we know how to do, but first, I repeat, it takes an examination of conscience."