The Cesena Women's Serie B championship starts with a defeat. In the match with the Cittadella, the tie was unlocked at 22'min: Peruzzo crosses the ball into the box, Frigotto does not arrive with her fists, and Ferin takes advantage of it, which ends in celebration for the hosts. At 38 tackles, Costa tackels Begal in restart: a second yellow is shown and expulsion for the bianconero defender. In the recovery, despite the numerical inferiority, Cesena first goes close to the draw with Porcarelli, but then thanks to Casadei's throw for Distefano, who hooks u with the ball, and overtakes the extreme goalkeeper to grab the tie. The match is decided at 74'min when Cittadella finds their second goal of the final 2-1 with Dahlberg taking the ball to the edge of the box area and putting it to the right of Frigotto. Next Sunday, the bianconere will host Trento but first, on Wednesday, they will play in the Coppa Italia against Parma. 


Cittadella (4-3-3): Toniolo; Peruzzo, Masu, Ambrosi, Asta (69'min Saggion); Benedetti, Nichele (69'min La Rocca, Dahlberg; Konguli, Ferin, Begal (83'min Pizzolato)

Not used: Nucera, Pavana, Kiamou, Nurzia, Zannini, Martinuzzi

Cesena (4-2-3-1): Frigotto; Casadei, Costa, Rossi, Nano (69min' Pastore), Mancuso, Bradau (69'min Costi); Zanni (56'min Iriguchi), Ploner (56'min Gidoni), Distefano (83'min Galli); Porcarelli

Not used: Serafino, Bizzocchi, Cuciniello, Bernardi

Referee: Piero Marangone of Udine

Assistants: Marco Munitiello of Gradisca D'Isonzo and Davide Bignucolo of Pordenone

Warnings: 9’min Nichele (CI), 36’min Distefano (CE), 58’min Peruzzo (CI)

Expulsions: 36’min Ardito Massimo (CE), 20’ - 38’min Costa (CE)

Nets: 22’min Ferin (CI), 64’min Distefano (CE), 74’min Dahlberg (CI)