Two goals at the end of the first half condemn Cesena to a second defeat in the league. In a first half in which the Bianconeri never managed to worry Michele Nardi, former Cesena goalkeeper, Fermana struck with Pellizzari in the 37th minute and Scorza just a few seconds before the end of the first half. At the beginning of the second half, Mr. Toscano immediately made three changes (Celiento, Saber and Udoh) but the reaction did not go beyond a rosary of corners, and, only in the final few minutes, Calderoni's shot that Nardi diverted into the corner. Next Saturday, we return home to the Orogel Stadium against Pontedera.

FERMANA-CESENA 2-0 (first half 2-0)

GOALS: 37' min Pellizzari, 47' min Scorza

FERMANA (4-3-3): Nardi; De Pascalis (13'st Gkertos), Parodi, Pellizzari, De Nuzzo (33'st Carosso); Scorza, Giandonato, Misuraca (33'st Graziano); Romeo, Bunino (33'st Fischnaller), May (23'st Spedalieri)

AVAILABLE: Borghetto, Eleuteri, Cardinali, Diouane, Vessella, Lorenzoni, Grassi, Onesti, Pinzi, Nannelli,

COACH: Protti

CESENA (3-4-1-2): Tozzo, Ciofi (1'st Celiento), Kontek, Coccolo; Mint (34'st Shpendi S.), Bianchi, De Rose (1'st Saber), Calderoni; Chiarello (21'st Adam); Ferrante (1'st King), Armour

SUBS NOT USED: Lewis, Pollini, Bumbu, Brambilla, Francesconi, Lepri

COACH: Toscano

REFEREE: Caldera of Como (assistants De Angelis of Roma 2 and Vettorel of Latina)

NOTES: corners 11-2 for Cesena; penalties: De Pascalis, Giandonato, Romeo, Fischnaller (F), Ciofi, Coccolo, Kontek, Calderoni, Udoh (C); substations: 47 min  and 51'min