It turns (also) badly. The Bianconeri redeem their performance compared to the defeat with Fermana but do not go beyond a draw at the end of a match in which they concede practically nothing to Pontedera. The boys of Mr. Toscano started strong and already, after seven minutes, were ahead thanks to the second goal from Udoh, who from the right finds the surgical cross. Udoh struck again but was called offsides by the sideline refer. Then Siano denied Corazza, and Calderoni wasted a face-to-face chance with the goalkeeper shooting high before the interval. In the resumption, it was Corazza again, whose opportunity was to close his chip attempt. And so Pontedera equalized most incredibly: cross from the right along the second post where Benedetti took the leap to keep the ball on the field, bypassing Tozzo to tie the match at 1-1. The game was set up to be the first victory at the Orogel Stadium and is thus postponed again: the Bianconeri will try again next Sunday (14.30) against the Recanatese, who were defeated today at home by Torres.

CESENA-PONTEDERA 1-1 (first half 1-0)

GOALS: 11'min Udoh (C), 35'st Benedetti (P)

CESENA (3-4-1-2): Tozzo, Ciofi Celiento, Coccolo; Adamo (32'min Zecca), Bianchi (32'min Bumbu), De Rose, Calderoni; Saber; Armor (17'min Ferrante), King (17'min Chiarello)

AVAILABLE: Lewis, Pollini, Kontek, Pieraccini Brambilla, Francesconi, Lepri

COACH: Toscano

PONTEDERA (3-4-2-1): Siano; Espeche, Shiba, Martinelli (28'min Mutton); Somma (6'min Perretta), Ladinetti, Catanese (28'min Benedetti), Aurelio; Fantacci (15'min Izzillo), Petrovic; Nicastro (6'min Cioffi)

AVAILABLE: Cagnina, Stancampiano, Pretato, Bonfanti, Tripoli, Marcandalli

COACH: Catalano

REFEREE: Turrini of Florence (assistants Spataro of Rossano and Taverna of Bergamo, 4th man Piccolo of Pordenone)

NOTES: corners 5-4 for Cesena; ammonites Celiento, Saber, Bianchi (C), Somma, Ladinetti, Petrovic (P); recoveries: 1'min and 6'min