Luigi Silvestri has anticipated his first game at Orogel Stadium for a few weeks: he could have played it with Siena, expected next February 4, and instead, he could debut on Sunday against Fermana, on his thirtieth birthday. “And if I don’t take the field, I’ll ask my teammates to give me a gift. I have bad memories of Fermana because, in Siena, we lost at home after remounting from 0-2. Cesena also fell in the first leg: we are both looking for revenge". Cesena had faced him instead last October 10: "It was a game played with an open face and at a very high pace: I remember that I had a lot of fun. But there was no need for that race to get an idea of the team: starting with the arrival of Tuscan and the market, I felt that a competitive group was being born from all points of view".

In Siena, the defender left a fan base who did not want his departure ("I received many messages on my social channels, and I did not expect all this affection after a few months"). Still, he wanted to remember another experience to which he remained tied: "I owe so much to Avellino: I arrived there that I was a boy and within two years I became a man: wearing that shirt gives Now another challenge awaits him, the Reggiana hunt: "That grenade is a battleship, but five points can also be recovered because the return group is a league apart from the first leg. The recipe? We must keep this positive trend, not give up a single centimeter, and always keep our feet on the ground.”