Today was the day Mattia Mustacchio was presented at a press conference at Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi. “I arrived here with great motivation - it started - and I hope to contribute on and off the field. Cesena is an important city, and every time I came as an opponent, I would repeat to myself how nice it was to play here. I already know many comrades, particularly Prestia, who is almost a brother: he told me everything about the group and the environment. It took me one day to find confirmation". The midfielder will work with mister Toscano for the first time: “However, I was aware of his dedication to work and the way of playing the games. At Pro Vercelli, I was used by trequartista, but it is a position that does not suit me much: I am an outsider, on the right or on the left, who must have the sideline near, and I believe that the Cesena's module is perfect for my type of game. Running is the base, and I give everything on the field, but in football, it also counts toward making the right choices in the last twenty-five meters".

This is not the first time that Mustacchio has changed his jacket in January: “I am a simple boy on a human level, and everywhere I have left a good memory. Just as all experiences have given me something, even if I was more fond of those that ended with a victory: Crotone, Alessandria, where being in Serie B had been missing for years, or Ascoli, which has been an important parenthesis of my life and my career.”

Here, finally, explained the choice of number 23: "The 7 is the one I am most attached to, but, being busy, Materazzi inspired me.