“It was a haunted game” is how Francesco De Rose begins his press conference after the match. “We did everything we could to take it home, but today the episodes were not in our favor. In addition, the referee also put us down with some mistakes of his own; I think of the failure to expel Misuraca and the sudden expulsion of Ciofi. They have to make decisions in a matter of seconds, and we accept them, but some were wrong today. Sorry, we are playing a lot, and today, we lost two important points that would have allowed us to stay attached to Reggiana. And sorry for those who supported us in the rain, but we did everything we could to bring home the victory. Fermana, throughout the second half, did not have a shot on goal, apart from the goal that came from a mistake of ours that can happen. And even when we played with ten, it was a one-way game in which it seemed like we had to score at any moment. We had four or five chances in front of the goalkeeper, which shows our strength: unfortunately, we failed them, and it will still happen to make mistakes, but we have to improve because it is a shame not to win games like this in which there has been an absolute dominance. How do we start again? We start again by working, putting it all out: by now, Fermana is part of the past, and it is certainly not this draw that demoralizes us. Today, we have the right to be disappointed and embittered because after such a game, you can't help the cause, but from tomorrow we'll catch up and move on".

The midfielder can partially be content with himself with his first goal in bianconero: "The goal was a bit fortunate, but I was in credit with good luck since in Siena my first had been absurdly disallowed. I dedicate it to my children, wife, and father, who always looks at me from above."