Despite the disappointment with the draw, in the press conference, Mister Domenico Toscano emphasizes the strong performance of his squad. "According to me - he begins - they played a great game in both eleven, and above all ten, the performance from the referees was a little less. I never like to talk about it, but today, maybe it was a bad day: King's penalty was clear, I didn't understand the double yellow for Ciofi, and the expulsion of Misuraca is also missing. Despite this, the team continued to create strong scoring chances to bring home the win they greatly deserved. We also risked taking counterattacks because, in ten, we carried so many men in the opponent's half of the field, a sign of our courage to seek victory in Unfortunately, wel ways. We didn’t make it but now let’s reset and think about the next match.”

The coach identifies the sliding doors of the match: "The match was decided between the opportunity wasted by Shpendi and their daring goal that was certainly avoidable. In addition, the expulsion came that risked “masting” the team; instead, our guys did not lose their minds and continued to attack and create a lot, putting their hearts up to 95th: this was also understood by our audience who appreciated the performance and in the end applauded us".

Toscano looks ahead: “This draw does not change anything: we have to understand why, despite an excellent performance, we have not been able to grasp the three points. However, it is not a tactical question: the sensational opportunities created today are not counted, but we must improve the details in the last sixteen meters, be crisper and more aware of our qualities". The coach has been repeating for a few weeks that he and the team do not want regrets from here to the end of the season: ‘Today, however, we have some.’