Indomitable, unlucky, wasteful, penalized. Everyone chooses the adjective they prefer to photograph Cesena, who leaves two points on the pitch of Orogel Stadium following the 1-1 draw with Fermana. The players of Mister Toscano immediately took the lead in the match with the first goal in the championship from De Rose and, within the first half, always played in high gear.

The sloppy version emerges at the beginning of the second half when Stiven wastes an amazing chance in front of Borghetto. Shortly after, Fermana draws the match with a goal from Fischnaller, who took advantage of a series of defensive errors, including the final one of Tozzo, who even a moment before halftime had been very good at denying the draw: then thpenalized penalizes Ciofi's again. He is sent off for collecting his second yellow, and Cesena finishes with ten men. It could be the blow of the knockout, and instead, the reaction of the Bianconeri is a mixture of heart and pridethe result no longer changes. But between bad luck (Saber's pole) and inaccuracy (Ferrante ma one-on-one shoton-one with the goalkeeper and Adamo header over the net). The Cesena thus slides 7 points from the Reggiana, and they will visit Pontedera next Saturday.

CESENA-FERMANA 1-1 (first half 1-0)

GOALS: 8’ De Rose (C), 50'Fischnaller (F)

CESENA (3-4-1-2): Tozzo, Ciofi, Prestia, Mercadante (77' Mustacchio); Adamo; De Rose (60' Bianchi), Brambilla, Calderoni (62' Silvestri); Saber (77' Chiarello); Shpendi S., Udoh (60' Ferrante)

AVAILABLE: Lewis, Pollini, Bumbu, Celiento, Albertini, Shpendi C., Francesconi

COACH: Toscano

FERMANA (4-3-3): Borghetto, Eleuteri (90' Gkertsos), Spedalieri, Pellizzari, Carosso (90' De Nuzzo); Romeo, Giandonato (90' Graziano), Misuraca; Nannelli (82' Pinzi), Fischnaller, Maggio (75' Bunino)

AVAILABLE: Vaccarezza, Nardi, De Pascalis, Tulissi, Vessella, Ronci

COACH: Protti

REFEREE: Calzavara of Varese (assistants Minafra of Rome 2 and Consonni of Treviglio), 4th officer Gallorini of Arezzo)

NOTES: 8-6 corners for Fermana; yellow cards De Rose (C), Misuraca, Giandonato, Pinzi (F); at 50' Ciofi (C) expelled for a double yellow