Mister Toscano this week also touched on the role of the mindset after the race with Fermana, who saw Cesena create a lot, grant little, and, despite this, collect only one point. "There was little to say to the boys - he began in the press conference - except to repeat that in football, as in life, what happens to us, positive or negative, is beyond our control but the reaction, that yes, depends on us. After a wrong goal or one immediately avoidable, it would be a mistake to blame yourself and seek alibis, and neither one nor the other attitude must belong to us. We need to leave what happened on Sunday behind and get up as we always did.”

Two others are the components that can be controlled, the analysis and the work. "You have to understand why certain mistakes are made, and I believe it is a matter above all of the head: on the field, you have to be more serene, especially when you have trained well and are aware that you have done your job well. And then, we have to work on how to eliminate certain moments in the race. The mistakes under the door? Everything can be trained; never, like this year, I'm taking care of training on conclusions. Then it is clear that in the last sixteen meters, the coldness, the right choices, and the individual qualities make the difference.”