"I had said that the game with Gubbio would come back to us for the strength we put in, for how we were as a group. We were protagonists of the match, even with ten men, and against Vis Pesaro, we put the same energy enriched by intensity and great mental resilience. This makes me really happy." This is how Mister Toscano began his conference before the match against Virtus Entella. The match is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:45 p.m. (live on Sky and streaming on Now; it will also be broadcast on Teleromagna channel 14).

"For tomorrow, I have no doubts, numerically we will have absences, but the team performance enhances the individual ones, and tomorrow will have to be like that. Whoever goes on the field will perform well, but the important thing is to get there with the right mind and energy. Entella is a team with a strong roster, both in terms of the players and the coach they have. Tomorrow will be a game with a very high level. I don't look at the standings but at the staff that Virtus Entella has. In the last game, I had the impression that they were thinking more about the match against us. Regardless of the standings, they are a top-ranked team."

"We have to look at our growth. Our task is to make the players better than in the previous match, and through this growth, we will get results. When this team comes with the right mind, and we are focused on team and individual performance, then the results come. The team knows me well, and the players make the formation during the week. The whole team is improving because if you give a performance like that and win like that, it is because the team did both phases well. We didn't concede goals, which is a very important aspect. As well as on the wings, we were more decisive regardless of the goals and assists, but the energy and quality in going forward were evident."

"Ciofi will be unavailable tomorrow, then we will see next week how it goes. Pieraccini did well as well as vs. Gubbio; if he is on the field, it is because he deserves it."