"I said on the eve of the match that it would be the performance of teams to make up for absences; in 10 against 11, ironically, we gave up playing." Thus begins Mister Toscano's post-match interview.

"We played a great game as long as we were 11 against 11. We are happy because we are first in the standings, and winning here was not easy, regardless of the absences. To have succeeded is a source of pride because I saw a team that had great character and a great mind, and we needed this success. We will stop here because we need to recover our energy as we have a big game coming up on Sunday where we will need the right concentration; it will be difficult to keep first place."

"It's a league that is strong, which gives everyone a chance to get back in, regardless of the opponents. We go forward on the path we have taken with strong attitudes like today. There is always room for improvement; we are a growing and confident team. Playing with Prestia and De Rose with caution in our backs affected us, but it should not happen. Maybe that is an aspect to improve."