Third consecutive victory and always keeping the goal unbeaten, after the 3-0 success against Lucchese, Mister Toscano addressed the media. "We faced a strong team. They changed something in this match compared to the other times, and we could not find the right gap. At the moment when they tried to attack more, we upped the pace and brought home a fundamental victory for how we got there."

"For me, the Gubbio game was a crucial step, like it was a victory, and today, it could be that little piece that we are trying to acquire. I tried not to talk these days about fatigue; it's all in the head and depends on what you want. I told the guys that they had earned this position, and they had to hold on to it. The team is growing and can grow more. There are games where you can immediately put it in your desired tracks. In other games, you have to be patient and wait. You have to stay sharp and switched on. Those who came in did very well, and at the back, it was the third game in a row without conceding a goal, and that's another key aspect. We must return on Tuesday with the right attitude because we have another tough match ahead."

"I make the choices by putting Cesena first, whether tactical or individual because I think it is right, more suitable, and meritocratic. Last night, we asked Cristian what he wanted to do, and he had the urge to play. We didn't even have Kargbo; it was a forced choice, and I am happy. I believe that we can always improve. After Gubbio, I told the boys that we must not go back from here on out. On Tuesday, I will tell them the same from here on out. Today was an almost perfect interpretation of the match. I only look at my team because the season is long. It will be a season of continuity."