Tonight, Luigi Silvestri delivered another important performance by scoring the team's third goal and helping the team take home the three points. Two aspects he emphasized in the post-match interview, "Whenever I score, fortunately, the matches end up bombastically, I am happy for the goal. I prefer to score a few goals but not concede any, so today, I am happy for both."

"My celebration? It was clear, surely my girlfriend will be angry because we are not yet in the month when you can say it. I apologize to her and my close friends who did not know. I am overjoyed and excited about it. All three rotating defenders have the same mentality. Ciofi is not very well, and it's normal that at this moment, those who are better and can help out play, whether it's Pieraccini or Piacentini. Everyone is always on the ball, which makes it clear that we are all on the same page. I came close to a brace; it would have been the first in my career, and it would have been a dream."