"Today, it's hard to find anything negative. I asked the boys to start strong and attack the game, and they did. They stayed on the ball, which is what we are working on to grow." This is how Mister Toscano began his post-match press conference.

"The mental aspect of always keeping the plug attached regardless of the result is very important, and we did that today. Francesconi and Pieraccini, I don't like to call them young. If they are here, it is because we made a choice and believed in them they can contribute, and they are proving it. They have ample room for improvement; what makes me proudest is their application and desire to be decisive."

"We are going through a good moment. The team has grown and still has to grow. We coaches have to make the players better than before, better than the game before, the month before, and the year before. I told the guys that it is a league of consistency. We have to stay on pace and give continuity in performance and results. Because of how we move, we are a team that can bring different men differently into the opponent's area. We have to invent a few more things than now, but I am calm because we will be ready regardless of who takes the field."