“I want to congratulate the guys because they played a perfect match, just the one we asked them for.” This is how Michele Napoli opened his press conference, who had to replace Mister Tosacano on the bench and in front of the microphones for the third time this season. “I have to say that the boys have been commendable from all points of view: it is a game in which the result has never been discussed, we took to the field determined, and we have created goal chances without suffering. So, compliments should be given to all the members of this group: let’s see how they work every day; we know their values, and I know they will still give us great satisfaction.”

What was missing in Bianconeri's last performances? “Without a doubt, a bit of brilliance, but those chances that can direct the games have also gone against us. Let's add that some players are carrying behind problems to the point of doubt even today, but we can't do without them. In short, we came from a difficult stretch, but to feel that the team had given up and by now the dream of the first place had vanished, just not: this group is always on track".

The victory over Entella brings Cesena closer to the first two: "Let's leave behind what happened and start again from the spirit that characterizes us, and that has been seen again today. The goal? Let's move forward from game to game and try to collect the maximum loot of points. It's our nature not to do calculations and play it until the end: I don't know where we'll get to, but we'll give it our all".