“In the playoffs, surprises are the order of the day, and there is no favorite team: there have been results that show how difficult it is to start again after a long stop, and therefore you have to be found ready physically and mentally.” At the microphones of Teleromagna, Riccardo Chiarello commented on the verdicts of the first-leg match of the second round of the playoffs.

For the midfielder, it is nothing new to return to the field weeks after the last official match, as will happen to Cesena, who will debut on May 27: "I have already lived a similar experience in Alessandria: standing still for a month is not good, but we are training with a very high level of intensity. Personally, I am fine and, as always, I am always available to the group and the coach: I am really charged because my hope and that of the whole team is to give joy to the people of Cesena".

All the more so at a time when the city is struggling with the emergency caused by the flood: “Honor to play for Cesena because I have found a dedication and solidarity with others that make me even more proud to wear this shirt. We already had many of them, which will be an extra motivation to spit blood and give everything for the cause. Because this situation has affected everyone, the difficulties must be overcome together.”