Luigi Silvestri was interviewed yesterday by Il Resto del Carlino, where they touched on many topics, including the challenge against Olbia: "I saw the game at home together with Kargbo; I suffered both from the defeat and because I could not be there to make my contribution. This challenge has taught us that every game must be played with the utmost concentration and determination. Everyone has a great desire to react, and from what I have seen these days, I would say that a nice group is being born".

Then, a comment on the two weeks of forced rest due to the postponement against SPAL: "The way I am, I would have preferred to play right away. At the same time, there is more time to recover and find our best form. I feel good, and physically I'm ready. I don't hide that we worked a lot during the training camp, and I wasn't used to certain training loads."

Finally, a thought on the future goals: "We are aware that we have to do better than last year; what we have to do is move forward game by game, making the facts speak. Our fans want this."