Today at 1 p.m., at Orogel Stadium, Mister Toscano spoke to the press ahead of tomorrow's match against Pontedera(live on Sky and streaming on Now): "This will be the second consecutive away match after the postponement of the match against SPAL. It would have been better for us to play now. We have analyzed the challenge against Olbia and are aware that we have not played our game; while the group is growing and working a lot, we have to think from game to game".

"It's not a matter of modules, the way we play, we have to be good at occupying the spaces, keep the distances short to press; we have to increase the level of performance, and this happens with the growth of the group; it's the head that moves the legs." A comment also on the conditions of the players: "The disqualified players and players coming from their national team experiences, Shpendi is back happy after the goal with Albania; while Piacentini is continuing his recovery; the players make the formation based on the performance in training, playing every three days can be an advantage because it does not allow you to lower the intensity."

Then the coach analyzed the growth of the many young players on the first team: "I do not consider them as young players since they have shown that they can change the game, then their minutes will depend on their growth, their personality, and how they will be able to influence the game, Piacentini is also growing a lot."