Today at Orogel Stadium, Mister Toscano presented himself to the press before the home opener against Ancona; the match is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 8:45 and will be broadcasted on Sky and streamed on Now and Rai Sport.

"I am happy with the reaction on the part of the boys; I was also convinced because they are working with great commitment to raise the level and increase the feeling between them and between us." Mister continued reiterating the importance of the group: "They all worked with a great effort, and this is the most important thing. It is essential that everyone makes their contribution, both those who start from the beginning and those who take over as they have against Pontedera". Then the coach underlines the contribution of the fans: "We are very pleased with the renewed confidence of the fans, both at home and away they are always commendable. Then, we must perform well, impose our game, and try to get the result. The goals conceded? We always have to work as a team defensively and offensively because then you get better in both situations. Otherwise, you risk suffering even when you concede little."

Then, a comment on the singles: "Berti played well against Pontedera, while Pisseri did the instrumental exams, and we will be evaluated between today and tomorrow; in any case, we have Siano, which is a guarantee. Ogunseye, like all newcomers, is an extraordinary guy with a great work culture. At the same time, Kargbo has certain obvious characteristics; he is very good at one-on-one and speed, but you have to find the team balance before the individuals. Ancona? They have changed a lot compared to last year, and like all the teams in this league, we have quality players, but regardless of the opponent, we have to make our performance; it is still early to evaluate the opponents, and as I have already said, it takes at least ten matches to make proper evaluations".

Finally, an analysis of the team: "You have to find the right balance both at the beginning, and during the match, regardless of the player who is subbed in, we must raise the technical quality and understand when to raise the pace, regardless of the player's age."