"I am happy with the match and the guys' performance. Kargbo came in and gave rhythm and intensity; this game was not easy. We were good at limiting their quality, did well in both phases and were keen not to concede goals. I tried to keep the intensity high in the guys until the 90th minute because not conceding goals was important." Mister Toscano's post-match conference starts from here; he then analyzes future matches: "We have an important tour ahead of us now; we have to be ready because we want to give continuity. This group has been working at full strength for a short time, and we are trying to improve the feeling."

The coach reiterates the importance of daily work to grow: "Every year, the story changes, the way you relate and understand what you need to get results changes. This team has great room for improvement; I hope they can grow further by staying on track and improving in daily work. What I like most about this team is that more solutions exist for different characteristics. Everyone's time will come; however, the real work begins now, and we must be good at bringing out our qualities here."  

Finally, a comment on the condition of Ogunseye who came out early due to injury: "Roberto had some muscle soreness; tomorrow, we will do the exams, but it doesn't worry me because we have guarantees."