Cesena is the team of the heart of Romagna, and this year, more than ever, with promotion to Serie B, this bond has been strengthened. Romagna has expanded its boundaries, and the notes of Secondo Casadei's "Romagna Mia" have become the most natural of anthems, resonating with pride in a land that in 2023 went through one of its darkest moments but was able to rise again stronger than before. From this experience, the relationship between fans and the team grew stronger and stronger until it became a valuable ingredient for the Bianconeri's ride in the season that just ended.

"When Cesena plays, all of Romagna plays" is not just a slogan but a reality. From the stands, fans from all over Romagna join in one big chorus to support our Burdél, creating a magical atmosphere in an iconic stadium. "Goal goal goal" echoes through all the Cavalluccio matches, a historic anthem by Lucio di Cesenatico that "rises from the stands, rises to the soul." Cesena on the field embodies the spirit of Romagna: never tame, tireless worker, and proud. Every match is an explosion of passion and belonging, a celebration of a team that symbolizes a unique land.

A significant territory is represented by the fans who, like the players, prepare for the game daily. In the name of these reasons, Cesena FC's new season ticket campaign speaks to the "Burdél": to the children who, with the scarf in hand, sing "Romagna Mia" at the top of their lungs after every victory, to the many youngsters and adults who make sacrifices to follow their favorite team; to the grandparents who give their grandchildren the thrill of a match at the stadium. Support for the team is above all a gesture: the embrace of the entire fan base after Pierozzi's goal sealed the return to B.

And we, in the stands, must prepare ourselves for a Serie B that has been missing since 2018. We must prepare ourselves as only Romagnoli knows how to do, with chants and tireless cheering, colorful and smiling but always present.

After a record-breaking year, it's time to live what we've earned ... Serie B is waiting for us!

Where to subscribe for season tickets?

Season tickets can be subscribed in two ways: going to the Coordinamento Club Cesena, located at Via Veneto 19 (phone: 0547 632502), and carrying a valid ID. This week, the office will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Alternatively, season tickets can be purchased conveniently online through the Vivaticket portal (active starting tomorrow).
The season ticket can be subscribed to in classic paper format or purchased digitally by uploading it to the fidelity card.

Phase 1 - Preemption with seat confirmation

The 2024/25 season ticket campaign will be divided into two stages: from 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, until the 27th of the same month, all subscribers from last season can confirm their seats. During this preemption phase, each season ticket holder - with their own "season ticket number" - can confirm their seat through two channels: at Coordinamento Clubs Cesena or on Vivaticket. In the latter case, the subscriber must indicate the number of the fidelity card (composed of twelve digits) or the season ticket (preceded by six zeros). In this first phase of the season ticket campaign, seats not subject to preemption will also be put on sale, and it will always be possible to subscribe to them through Vivaticket or at Coordinamento Clubs Cesena.

Phase 2 - Free sale

The free sale will start on July 1 instead and last until the eve of the first day of the championship played at home. New season tickets can be subscribed through two channels: by going to Coordinamento Clubs Cesena (via Veneto 19, tel. 0547 632502), which is open this week from Tuesday to Saturday (9-12:30 a.m. and 3:30-7:30 p.m.), or conveniently online at Vivaticket. Seat preemption from the previous season will no longer be available.

Promotions of the new season ticket campaign

Securing the 19 home games of the new Serie B season in advance will be convenient as usual, and, for last season's subscribers, even more so thanks to a discount on the "full" category. In addition, for the 2024/25 Serie B championship, there will be a "reduced" category for certain audience groups (women over 65, over 50 percent disabled, military, and Under 18) and an even bigger one for those under 14.

"Family" package

In the separate "upper" and "lower" sectors, there is a "Family" package: a special discount for each family unit consisting of two parents and one child Under 14. In case of additional children, special prices are provided for age. 

These are the details of prices in the various sectors (the "reduced" category applies to women, over 65, over 50 percent disabled, military, and Under 18):


New subscriber € 1200; Old subscriber 23/24: € 1000; Reduced € 800; Under 14: € 50

TRIBUNA VIP (con hospitality)

New subscriber € 2000; Old subscriber 23/24: € 1800; Reduced € 1600


New subscriber € 500; Old subscriber 23/24: € 450; Reduced € 400; Under 14: € 50


New subscriber € 330; Old subscriber 23/24: € 300; Reduced € 270; under 14: € 50; pacchetto “Family”: € 525


New subscriber € 290; Old subscriber 23/24: € 260; Reduced € 230; under 14: € 50; pacchetto “Family”: € 465


New subscriber € 190; Old subscriber 23/24: € 175; Reduced € 150; under 14: € 50


The visual and creative part was entrusted to Netrising, a local partner of Cesena FC.