"When the proposal from Cesena came, I immediately thought it was a great opportunity. What happened last year, I think, had nothing to do with my situation." These are Jonathan Klinsmann's first words in bianconero. The '97 goalkeeper class was introduced this morning by Sporting Director Fabio Artico.

"I was impressed by the level. I immediately noticed that the team has a clear goal in mind, which is what is making the difference. It's definitely different than in MLS, especially because the system is different, but the level here is very interesting."

"My dad wished me good luck and to be myself. He is busy now, but I will definitely discuss this with him in more detail. Am I more American or German? It is always difficult to answer this question; for me, it is 50/50; when I am in Germany, I still feel at home even though I have lived in America for the last three years. I hope also to learn the language as soon as possible because my dad knows it, and I am taking classes."

"I arrived in the middle of the season while the season is over in the MLS. You have to get back into shape slowly, and then everything will speed up. What kind of goalkeeper am I? I rely a lot on my physique and feel comfortable playing the ball with my feet. I always try to adapt to the situation.