Immediately after Mister Toscano's pre-match conference, sporting director Fabio Artico spoke on the situation after the market closed and introduced Jonathan Klinsmann: "I believe a lot in the guys who are on the roster, and to date, I didn't see any reason to put further competition or question players who have given so much. There is a balance within this group, and it seems right to me to maintain the things that have worked so far."

"The word balance is often abused. For me, balance is dynamic. Every week, there is great competition, and everyone is always trying to challenge the coach. The January market is about opportunity and not choice; it is the repair market, and there was little or nothing to repair. As I said at the beginning of the market, the only aspect could have been the possible willingness of players to leave, but there were no requests, and I am thrilled."

"In general, the return round is a different league because there are fewer and fewer games, and it will be a different league. All the changes made by the clubs are difficult to place. We will see if they will be good or not. But as the coach said, it is up to us to continue with this mentality throughout the round of return to get the result we expect at the end of the year. In contracts, it is normal that there are some clauses, including renewal, in case of promotion."

"Jonathan Klinsmann is in the class of '97 goalkeepers. First, he is humble, serious, and a professional. His acquisition is an opportunity. He needs to fit in, starting with the language he is studying. He will make himself available to the coach, who will then make his choices. He has been very well received, and I am sure he will raise the level of competition."