United as a Squad, Moving in the Same Direction

Andrea Ciofi returned to the pitch 106 days after the intense encounter with Gubbio. "The last three months have been challenging, filled with the drive to regain my top condition. I'm not there yet, but on the right track."

"Today, I'm in good spirits. The toughest period was after facing Gubbio when I was utterly drained. Postponing the surgery was another setback. Now, pain-free, I'm optimistic about my recovery, though I know my peak form is still ahead."

"The clash with Sestri was formidable. They're a well-structured side with fluid movements. Practicing my role during the week made the match more manageable. Experiencing these moments with the squad is incomparable to going through them alone. We're a united squad, all heading in the same direction, and it feels like we're making good progress."