Following another outstanding performance, Luigi Silvestri spoke to the press right after the match: "I've been a bit under the weather these past few weeks, and I did feel it physically, but when you have young players running for you like ours, I could afford to stay home for seven days. Our young players deserve immense praise."

"Serie C is all about resilience. Vis Pesaro is a well-structured squad with seasoned players, and despite their standing, they don't concede many goals. I'd happily sign up for more challenging matches like this one until the end. Reflecting on our last match with Gubbio, the commentator mentioned that we're a 'working-class team,' and there's no higher praise than that. It means we're humble and eager to win, and there's no greater victory."

"We need to focus on ourselves, never settling for less, and seize this opportunity. Lucchese will be aiming for the playoffs; they're a tough team. We lost to them last year, and it's a typical Serie C battle. We must gear up to win every match, and then we'll see where we stand."