"It wasn't an overly challenging match; we should have sealed it in the first half. The squad remained engaged throughout. This match holds considerable significance at this championship stage, especially considering the outcomes in other matches. My congratulations to the players once again," began Mister Toscano in the post-match press conference following the victory against Vis Pesaro.

"We're still owed some penalties, I believe. I'm not sure the conditions were right to award that penalty to Vis Pesaro. At this point in the championship, everyone is eager to score points. Everyone aims to deliver a perfect performance against Cesena. Vis Pesaro is a very physical team; understandably, there's a bit of tension and nerves with just six matches left."

"I'm not yet focusing on the standings; we need to keep pushing because there will be challenging matches like today's. The players aren't looking at the standings or past matches; they're focused on improving week after week, especially mentally, where I believe there's room for growth. They have incredible potential and must believe they can still grow significantly."