"We knew it was a match that would give us difficulties. Fermana is in a good moment and are a team that gives you little space." Mister Toscano analyzes the success against Fermana in the post-match. During the match he was cautioned and, given the warning, will be disqualified in the derby against Rimini.

"Without the fans, it's as if we were missing a player who played in Serie A, and it was not easy. I asked the boys for lucidity and intensity; they were good at keeping calm. This is an important victory. Kargbo suffered a severe ankle sprain."

"As I said a couple of weeks ago, Roberto is working to return to the levels of the beginning of the season, today he showed that he can make an important contribution, we need everyone. Every week, the guys train like they all have to play, and when they come in, they make sure they are ready and give."

"It's not easy when you don't unlock the match right away because you risk losing lucidity and lending your side to a team with players in the forward department that can get you in trouble. Instead, we remained compact and lucid, convinced that we could unlock it at any moment, and we did. We were good at not losing the balance because then you risk conceding something; instead they were balanced and gave rhythm, we created several goal chances, their goalkeeper was perhaps one of the best on the field. We take this success because we knew how important it was to win today; this is another growth step. What did I like least? We are trying to change the game faster. We could have found the width better, but it's not easy when you're missing that 12th man who is our audience. The guys stayed focused and confident to bring home the three points until the end."