"The return leg is always challenging; Lucchese is a team with a high level of personnel; they can play well. If you're not good at staying in the game for 90 minutes and understanding where to hurt them, it's a team that puts you in trouble." This is how Mister Toscano began his analysis immediately after the critical victory against Lucchese.

"The first half was more balanced. We had the first clear chance, and they created some situations with the long ball, but we kept the field well without conceding big chances to a strong team. In the goal, the players performed some good actions. To put in such a performance at this point in the league where points carry a lot of specific weight is important; I have to congratulate the boys again."

"Both Ciofi and Saber gave quality and pace to the game, and everyone benefited. We were moving with more intensity and looking more for the exchange and dribbling. I liked the second half. Now we are thinking about Saturday's game because it will be very challenging. Hopefully, it will be decisive, but regardless, we have to continue to stay on the ball."