Cesena performed well, overtaking an excellent Lucchese squad, thanks to Berti's goal in the second half. Berti's goal helped the Bianconeri tie their record for goals in a single championship (currently 71). They also equaled the record for points (83) and away wins (12).

Just three minutes into the match, Cesena immediately went close to scoring with Shpendi, but his shot was blocked first by Chiorra and then directly into a corner. In the 17th minute came the first chance for the Tuscans, with Yeboah trying from a distance, but Pisseri made a diving save to clear the ball for a corner. A minute later, Rizzo Pinna entered the Cesena area on the left side and took a shot that sailed over the goal. In the 33rd minute, Quirini crossed from the left side for Yeboah, whose header just wide. In the 39th minute, Adamo's free kick found Prestia, but again, his header went wide. A minute later, it was Lucchese again making themselves dangerous, with Rizzo Pinna trying a left-footed shot, that went over the crossbar. 

At the beginning of the second half, Lucchese had their first chance, with a great save by Pisseri, who controlled Rizzo Pinna's shot. In the 60th minute, there was nice triangulation passing play between Berti and Corazza, with the midfielder finding a scoring chance that went just wide of the Lucchese goal. In 66th minute, Ciofi went down the right and served Shpendi, who in turn offloaded the ball to Berti, who puts it inside the far post to give Cesena the 1-0 lead. In the 77th minute, Saber started Cesena's counterattack, with Shpendi's shot being cleared for a corner. As the minutes passed, the match became increasingly fragmented, with Cesena trying to strike on the counterattack and repelling themselves off any offensive attempts by Lucchese. So, after four minutes of stoppage time, the Bianconeri got three crucial points for the final sprint.

Lucchese-Cesena 0-1 (half time 0-0)

GOALS: 65' Berti (C)

LUCCHESE (4-3-3): Chiorra; Sabbione, Tiritiello, Benassai, Quirini (74' Astrologo); Gucher, Tumbarello, Cangianiello (79' Guadagni); Rizzo Pinna, Yeboah, Disanto (87' Magnaghi). 

AVAILABLE: Coletta, Berti F., Alagna, Perotta, Toma, Fedato, Djibril, Russo, De Maria, Leone. 
COACH: Gorgone

CESENA (3-4-2-1): Pisseri; Pieraccini (82' Pierozzi), Prestia, Silvestri; Adamo (59' Ciofi), Francesconi, Varone (53' Saber); Donnarumma; Kargbo (53' Corazza), Berti T. (82' Chiarello); Shpendi. 
AVAILABLE: Klinsmann, Siano, Coccolo, De Rose, David, Giovannini, Campedelli, Tampieri. 
COACH: Toscano

REFEREE: Matteo Centi of Terni. 

NOTES: Yellow Cards: Varone (C), Quirini (L), Tiritiello (L), Benassai (L) Shpendi (C), Guadagni (L)