"Pieraccini, Donnarumma, and Corazza were already available last week for a match segment. They have had an extra week with the team and are ready for any match situation. The important thing is to have them 100 percent recovered." This begins Mister Toscano's pre-match press conference ahead of Lucchese-Cesena.

"Tomorrow will be a match like the last ones in the league, in which every team has to reach a goal, and against Cesena, they always raise the level. We have to expect this and do accordingly, as we have done in every game. We must keep our concentration and intensity high because there will be challenging matches from here to the end of the season. Compared to other years, we have changed something; usually, you look at the result, but this team is much more: we have tried to take care of every aspect, both technical-tactical and especially mental. Now, you don't have to look at the standings but enjoy the moment because we want to continue living these emotions. Saber trained with the team on Friday and today and is recovered; then we will evaluate whether he is ready to play from the start or enter as a sub."

"Lucchese, we have analyzed them, and they have a clear identity. They like to possess the ball, and they do a lot of rotations with the midfielders; then we have to be good at giving rhythm to the match by putting our qualities on the field, trying to strike in certain areas of the field."

"Ciccio is important for us, as are all the others, each with his qualities. When there were absences, the boys made up for it with focus and determination. Ciccio would never want to leave the field. Against Vis, he had felt his calf hardening. Then, continuing to run, he said it was better, then probably the situation worsened, and he decided to leave the field."

"I have no doubts about the formation. The boys know they have a huge potential and must express it in these six games. They convey something special and unique when I see them under the curve with that heart and unity. The Pesaro performance probably made Ciofi aware that the injury was behind him. This week I have seen him better and he is getting back to his level. Kargbo is always important for us; when I say that the team is much more than the result, you also see it because players who don't shine manage to show their qualities. In the last few games, he has been less decisive than he used to be for us, but he remains an important player for the team."