"Every day at training, it is as if nothing had happened; this attitude makes me very happy, and Sunday was the demonstration; facing it with the right head was not obvious." This is how Mister Toscano began his press conference ahead of the match against Recanatese.

"The boys have the same attitude they have had until today, making you proud of the work. I said the league ends on April 28, and the season on May 19. Winning teams thrive on wins, and the boys work on that path. We have been working all year on steady growth and not on results. The boys show they are ready, and then we will compare ourselves with the other group winners. It will be an important test of the next season."

"Recanatese has changed something from a tactical point of view; since they changed coach, they have performed great in many cases while away and had some difficulties. As always, we had to think about our game and prepare it. I want to see again the same desire and determination as in Alessandria, which has distinguished us this season. Cristian is unavailable, and Silvestri will be absent." "Ciofi's attitude showed that there are no useless matches. Andrea is an important player for us; since his return from injury, he has contributed every time, and Coccolo is working well and will find his space. I'm very clear about the potential of this group, and I think it can still grow; if you improve mentally, you grow in all respects, including on a technical and tactical level."

"I am focused on this moment. If I want to grow this group and look for new solutions, I have to be. I want to enjoy the moment and stay focused because the work is unfinished. I am very well in Cesena; it is the right environment to live and work in. There are two years of work that we feel is ours together with the boys, the staff, and the society, and this makes you think it is the right base on which to build something important. The attention is nice, but it comes from the work of the team and the resonance that Cesena has as a square. I have said it many times, but this land has stayed with me after last season and the flood."