Tommaso Berti succeeds Steven Shpendi and wins the title of Best Player 2023/24. The 2004 midfielder was the most voted by the Bianconeri fans who, at the end of each match, were called to elect the "Man of the Match" in the social contest in collaboration with De Stefani Mercedes-Benz car dealership, which has been alongside Cesena FC for years and this season as Local Partner.

Berti was awarded the "Best in the Field" six times, including the number of goals, making him the fourth leading scorer in Mister Toscano's squad, behind Cristian Shpendi, Corazza, and Kargbo. The trequartista scored in the derby vs. Rimini for the first time in the league in a 5-2 win. His second goal came in the first match with Perugia, where Cesena won 0-3. The other four goals were scored in the last seven matches.

Berti was honored in front of the fans at Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi last Sunday before the Super Cup match against Juve Stabia, receiving the award represented by the iconic "Caveja" from the hands of Massimo Agostini and Alessandro Bordini, De Stefani's marketing specialist.

"A year ago, in handing it to Steven Shpendi," said Stefano Brandini, De Stefani's marketing manager, "we expressed the hope that, by the propitiatory nature attributed to the Caveja, it could bring good luck to him and Cesena. And that happened as Steven landed in Serie A, and the Bianconero club returned to Serie B at the end of an exciting season. Today, one of our land's symbols could not end up in better hands, a product of the Cavalluccio's youth sector."