The one that just ended was a record-breaking season, both on and off the field. While waiting for the start of the next season in Serie B, Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi has already proved that it is worth the category, in which it would be in the middle of the playoff zone. With its average of 10,084 fans per game, it ranks sixth among Serie B clubs: in fact, only Sampdoria, Palermo, Parma, Bari, and Catanzaro are ahead of the Bianconeri in this particular ranking.

Cesena's numbers confirm the trend of the last season, where they led Serie C with the most number of spectators in the regular season. Indeed, the numbers even improved, with season ticket holders growing by 7.4 percent (6,535 in 2023/24 compared to 6,052 in 2022/23), and the average overall attendance increased by 12.8 percent (10,084 in 2023/24 and 8,793 in 2022/23).

The three matches with the highest attendance this season at Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi were the promotion match vs. Pescara on March 30th (15,547 spectators), the derby match vs. Rimini on October 1st, 2023 (14,022 spectators), and the match vs. Torres on December 17th (12,647 spectators). (Source: www.stadiapostcards.com).

An incredible season in all respects, in which Cesena rewrote several records even on the field:

Record number of points in Cesena's history (96)

The Bianconeri set the record for the most points won in a season 96, representing the best season in the history of Serie C, tying that of Catanzaro  in 2022/23. In addition, Cesena is the Italian team with the most points in all the professional leagues this season (Inter is second at 94).

Record number of league wins in Cesena's history (30)

Cesena collected 30 wins in a season for the first time in its history. Among the most memorable were the derby won 5-2 in October and the one against Pescara on March 30: Pierozzi's goal in the 87th minute and Cesena being promoted to Serie B.

Record number of goals scored in a season in Cesena's history (80)

80 goals scored, a new record for Cesena in a single season; 10 goals more than the previous record (70 with Angelini in Serie D in 2018/19). Top scorer was Cristian Shpendi with 20 goals.

Record for consecutive wins Cesena's history (8)

From January 20th to March 1st, Cesena won eight consecutive matches for the first time in its history: Pontedera, Ancona, Fermana, Rimini, Arezzo, Sestri Levante, Pineto, and Entella, for a total of 19 goals and only one conceded.

Record number of home (17) and away (13) victories in Cesena's history.

As mentioned, Cesena has 30 league wins: 17 at home and 13 away, the most wins recorded in a season.

Earliest promotion in Cesena's history

For the first time in its history, Cesena celebrated promotion in March, before Easter and with five matches remaining. 

Record number of league clean sheets in Cesena's history (24).

An incredible defensive phase with only 19 goals conceded all season and, above all, 24 clean sheets, another record in Cesena's history: Pisseri (22), Siano (1), and Klinsmann (1). 

Record shutout streak by a Cesena goalkeeper in Serie C (Pisseri, 802 minutes)

Between December and February, Matteo Pisseri did not concede a goal for 802 minutes, which became the new shutout streak record for a Cesena goalkeeper in Serie C.

For the first time, Cesena has never conceded a goal in the second half at a home match. 

For the first time, Cesena has never conceded a goal in the second half at a home match: 10 matches at Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi and 10 victories, for a total of 21 goals scored (2.1 on average per match) and zero goals conceded in the second half.