"After a week of celebrating our championship victory, we needed to reset everything. Our mind is our control center, and if you use the right commands, you perform well." This is how Mister Toscano began his press conference following the victory against Juventus Next Gen.

"We managed to secure an important win for our journey, especially towards the end. Our intensity was evident. We can't let up even for a second; if you want to take another step forward and grow, you must understand that your mindset drives everything. You can unleash your potential when you bring the same ferocity you've maintained throughout the season. Without that intensity, matches become much more challenging."

"There are no second strings in Cesena; everyone who stepped in or started the game has always made a decisive contribution to the team. Siano deserves his chance for what he's done all year, maintaining high competition with Pisseri. You need a goalkeeper behind you who keeps the competition fierce, and he's done that excellently, benefiting both. He's trained incredibly well, is an extraordinary young man, and truly deserves it."

"Those who played today performed excellently. Ciccio is getting back to his best. Ciofi is crucial for us; despite coming off an injury, he remains a key player. We aim to play these final matches with our full squad and at our utmost potential."