"If you want to achieve something, you must make sacrifices." These are the first words of Mister Toscano on the eve of the derby against Rimini, in which he started with comments on the victory against Fermana in this way: "With Fermana, it was a challenging match; for the injured, we take these 30 hours to make the last evaluations. Everyone wants to participate in this match, and we await the final considerations tomorrow morning after a muscle activation."

"I expected a similar growth of Lepri; we had seen qualities in him. I am happy for him because he is a good guy. Rimini has changed from the first leg, as have we. We have studied them very well; they have changed something in the last few matches, in which they have gained solidity and - perhaps - lost some incisiveness up front. I told the boys this match can bring you closer to the objective. They know the importance of the game both off the field and inside the rectangle because, again, it's the one that can bring you even closer to your goal."

"These are games everyone wants to play and see; they have to be experienced with the right banter with a good show both on and off the field. I'm sorry I can't be on the bench, but we don't have to focus on that because the whole staff is behind it, so we are calm and serene. I will not be on the field but close to the team through Michele Napoli. The aspect that makes me most serene is we are a team: it's not a catchphrase because we can count on everyone, both on and off the field, and that's what being a team means to me. We have our identity and concentration; the boys have grown exponentially, especially from a mental point of view."

"As I have already said, today Cesena can count on everyone, and this competition is a means to get our 'objective.' We must not put the match's importance before our goal. The gap with Rimini? Tomorrow, both teams will give their best, and we must go into the game knowing that everyone will have to give 100 percent because that's the only way to express your full potential. Saber and Berti are two solutions we have considered. They both will play tomorrow and, depending on their position, will change the setting of the match; we have clear ideas on how to enhance their qualities in this match."

"Ciofi played the full week with the team and did not feel discomfort; now it's just a question of condition. The hug with Protti? I did it because of his statements in which he acknowledged our work, and I was very pleased because he called us a war machine. I heard his sincere words and wished him good luck because he deserves it."