The new 2024/2025 Serie BKT sports season will officially kick off on Wednesday, July 10, with the presentation of the once again asymmetrical calendar, organized by the league in synergy with the Spezia Calcio.

The event's location is the central Piazza Europa in La Spezia, where the 38 days of the 93rd edition of the "Championship of Italians" will be unveiled. As always, one of the twenty cities of the tournament will be the protagonist of the event to witness again the inseparable bond between the LNPB and the territories of the peninsula.

Confirmed the will of President Mauro Balata to enhance the symbolic places of our country and, in particular, that of the cities that make up the Serie BKT.

Europe Square was carved out of the excavation of Capuchin Hill in the late 1920s. Its name is a dedication to our continent in recognition of all its inhabitants and those who have contributed to the development of civilization. It represents one of the city's most beautiful and airy squares. The landscaping was completed in 1960 with porphyry paving and white ornamental stripes, and it is dominated upstream by the bulk of the Cathedral of Christ the King.

However, on the seaside, four fountains designed by architect Carlo Alberto Cozzani have been along its sides since 2016. These replaced a long rectangular fountain designed by architect Alberto Di Sacco around the 1960s.

The new Kombat™ Serie BKT 2024/2025 Ball, designed again this year by Kappa®, will be presented during the event. This represents the renewed partnership for the eighth consecutive year with the Turin-based company, demonstrating a well-established relationship. The ball is a concentration of technology and aerodynamics that offers improved grip and optimal control on all types of surfaces.

The evening, hosted by Barbara Cirillo and Spezia's Dario Vergassola, will be enriched by moments of spectacle and entertainment with the Malvax band, but also by guests from the world of football, such as Antonio Di Natale, Daniele Cacia, and Marco Sansovini to remind us of B's mission to enhance players in the national arena. These three goal-scoring leaders have scored a lot in B, contributing to the spectacle of this championship. The former Empoli man, for example, after three years in the B, became Udinese's most prolific player ever and then made it to the national team; Cacia is the B's second all-time leading scorer after Schwoch; and finally, Sansovino raised and enhanced by Spezia, was one of the magnificent three in Zeman's Pescara attack that won promotion to the A league.

The event will be broadcast at 7 p.m. on the B League's social channels, YouTube and Facebook, and by the Sport Mediaset portal.