Cesena also wins the return derby match against Rimini. The match channeled in the right tracks from the first half, with the Bianconeri ending the first half ahead 0-2 thanks to goals from Adamo and Shpendi. Cesena managed the pace in the second half, going close to 0-3 with Donnarumma, who hit the crossbar.

After the first 10 minutes of play, Cesena immediately took the lead at the first opportunity: Saber changed the play perfectly for Donnarumma on the left wing, where he crossed the ball in for Adamo, who headed it past the keeper for the 0-1 lead. Towards the end of the first half comes Cesena's second goal. A free kick from the left by Donnarumma for Piacentini, who was left alone at the far post, sent it back into the middle for Shpendi, who scored his 15th league goal. Throughout the first half, Rimini made themselves dangerous with crosses, but Pieraccini first, and then Prestia repelled any chances.

The second half begins with a great play by Donnarumma, who served Shpendi in the box, but the defense blocked his shot. In the 65th minute, Donnarumma managed to break through on the left wing, and his shot was printed on the crossbar after a deflection by a defender. In the 74th minute, Rimini made themselves dangerous for the first time with Morra's header, but Pisseri pushed it away for a corner. As the minutes passed, Cesena managed its forces by letting the pace of the match drop, and after four minutes of stoppage time, the Bianconeri could celebrate the derby win.

RIMINI-CESENA 0-2 (first half 0-2)

GOALS: 13' Adamo, 41' Shpendi

RIMINI (5-3-2): Colombi; Megelaitis, Pietrangeli, Gigli, Lepri, Semeraro (55' Malagrida); Sala (77' Leoncini), Langella, Delcarro (55' Garetto); Lamesta (68’ Iacoponi), Ubaldi (68' Morra).
AVAILABLE: Colombo, De Lucci, Quacquarelli, Gorelli, Rosini, Tofanari, Marchesi, Cernigoi.
COACH: Emanuele Troise.

CESENA (3-4-2-1): Pisseri; Pieraccini, Prestia, Piacentini; Adamo (78' Pierozzi), Francesconi, Saber (81' Chiarello), Donnarumma; Shpendi, Berti; Corazza (78' Ogunseye).
AVAILABLE: Veliaj, Siano, Pitti, Coccolo, Ciofi, David, De Rose, Giovannini, Kargbo.
COACH: Michele Napoli (Domenico Toscano was disqualified).

REFEREE: Emmanuele of Pisa.

NOTES: Yellow cards: Sala, Megelaitis