Cesena U19 ties but gets ahead on the tables

Cesena U19 dominates against Ascoli but gains only one point, although precious because Lazio falls on La Spezia’s turf and gets five points behind the B&W team along with Frosinone, resting off today.

Cesena U19 start strong and the first opportunity comes already at 4’ with Stiven Shpendi who shots hard only to see the ball merely stroking the post. After four minutes, it's again the Bianconeri forward with Cristian Sphendi’s diagonal kick that ends a little too much on the side. At 13’ another chance for Stiven Shpendi, after a duet in the penalty area with his brother Cristian, whose kick is deflected into a corner by the opponents’ goalie, Bolletta.

The goal though arrives at 39’ when the referee grants a penalty kick to the Romagna players following Stiven Shpendi’s knock-down in the area, who scores his sixteenth strike. Just in the final minutes Ascoli make a try with Rizzi, but Bizzini is ready and wards off.

Cesena U19 top scorer has the opportunity to redouble at 69’ when the referee grants the second penalty kick but this time Stiven let himself be hypnotized by Bolletta. After an attempt by the hosting team at 81’, four minutes later the B&W squad miss another chance for a second strike with Suliani who, on counterattack, gets in front of the opponents’ goalie only to waste it away. And at 88' comes the third penalty of the match, this time to Ascoli that, with the new entry Acciarriti, grab the 1-1.

Next leg, at home, Cesena is facing Crotone, while the pursuers, Lazio and Frosinone, are competing against each other.