Cesena U19 wins big by seven to one

With an explosive 7-1 against Crotone, Cesena U19 is back with a win in front of their fans and momentarily extend the advantage to +8 over Frosinone and Lazio, expected tomorrow in a derby match.
The B&W team are immediately aggressive and after only two minutes take the lead with Francesconi, who - thanks to an assist from Bernardi - places the ball to the left of the opponents’ goalie. At 6’ Mr Ceccarelli’s boys get another chance with a free kick from Bernardi, but the ball only caresses the crossbar. The Calabrians’ reaction comes at 14’ with Gozzo shooting from the edge of the penalty area, only to finish high on the crossbar. Two minutes later though, Crotone tie with the team captain D'Andrea kicking from the left corner of the area and sending the ball to the lower corner to the left of Pollini. Cesena’s reaction is instantaneous and three minutes later Pieraccini is ready to strike with a header on Schirone's assist. This time Crotone don’t react and actually risk twice to grant the third goal to the Cavalluccio squad, giving finally in at 42’ when Stiven Shpendi takes advantage of a free kick from Lepri and scores a few steps away from the Calabrian goalie. The first half ends with a free kick from Schirone hitting the crossbar, and in the second half Cesena continue to rule: Stiven Shpendi at 58’ scores from penalty the fourth goal of the match and his eighteenth personal strike. Then Crotone is down to ten players, following Timmoneri being expelled, and Francesconi scores another goal. After a perfect exchange on the left with Biondelli, it’s Cristian Shpendi's turn to strike while the seventh goal is by the newly entered Ghinelli, who receives inside the area from Cristian Shpendi and shoots successfully to the right of Lucano.
Cesena U19 thus continues the winning streak at home (ten wins in as many matches) and in the next leg will be playing on Cosenza’s turf.