Cesena U19 wins the Supercoppa too

After winning the championship tournament, Cesena U19 gives an encore and, at the "Dacia Arena" in Udine, also takes home the Super Cup in the final against Udinese. The first opportunity for Mr. Ceccarelli's team comes already at 14’ with Stiven Shpendi receiving the ball from Lepri but his shot only caresses the post to Piana's left. A minute later, thanks to Bernardi's assist, his brother Cristian goes better stricking from the penalty area to the right of the Friulian goalkeeper. The B&W squad redoubles at 26’, again with Cristian Shpendi who, after Ariyo’s long shot, reaches the edge of the area and scores for the second time. At the end of the first half comes the response of Mr Sturm’s team, shortening the gap at 38’ with Ianesi kicking a strong shot in the lower corner to Bizzini’s right.

Udinese gets braver and, at the beginning of the second half, with Basha’s shot inside the penalty area gives the shivers to Bizzini, who providentially deflects. Mr Ceccarelli's boys regain control and get close to scoring the third goal with Carlini, after a perfect triangulation with the Shpendi brothers. The 3-1 is in the air though, and at 67’ Stiven Shpendi strikes on an assist from his brother Cristian. The match becomes then a Romagna monologue: at 64’ Stiven Shpendi fails a penalty kick but happily strikes during injury time.